Light-catchers and Pendulums

Light-catchers and Pendulums


We’re delighted to introduce our new collection of “Heart” Light-catchers and Pendulums!

You might ask, “why is it a light-catcher AND a pendulum?”  Well, the truth is it can be whatever you want it to be.  These lovely faceted hearts are made of finely cut glass from Egypt and gemstones of Red Garnet, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. When the sun catches them, they cast the most beautiful rainbows! 

I don’t know about you, but rainbows just make me smile.  They’re so magical looking ~ their colourful rays of light can literally expand our awareness and open us up to new possibilities!  And it’s as simple as that.  When we shift our energy and raise our vibration, we transform ourselves into a more resourceful place to co-create with the Creator!  Divine, yes.  Science, yes.  Quantum physics, yes.

This brings us to the art and science of “Dowsing with your Pendulum”. Dowsing is a simple and natural process, and is a universal human ability.It creates a bridge between our mind (intellectual) and spirit (intuitive).

Studies have shown when monitoring the brainwaves that are generated by dowsers, they reveal a range of frequencies and a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, similar to those practicing deep meditation.

The process of dowsing involves asking a question that you would like more information about.  It’s advisable not to ask questions concerning other people (as it is usually not for us to know, or we may consider asking the person directly); or questions about the future, as our reality can change in a heartbeat.


How to use Your Pendulum for Dowsing

Before you begin it’s good to be in a relaxed state of mind. It’s also important to be open and curious, with no expectation as to the outcome. If we have an attachment to the answer we would like, we can negatively influence the outcome.

*Dowsing is a simple process for you to connect with your inner knowing.

*To begin, hold the end of the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand.

*Hold your pendulum out in front of you and ask, “Please show me my ‘yes’ response”.

*Whatever way it moves (back & forth, side to side, clockwise/anti-clockwise) will be your ‘yes’ response signal.

*Do the same procedure for your ‘no’ response (it should be a clearly different movement).

*Continue to repeat the above procedure to become more confident with each response. 

Enjoy discovering your wisdom that lies within…


In joy & light,