What are Crystals and how do they Work?

What are Crystals and how do they Work?


In the last few decades we’ve heard an ever-increasing buzz about crystals and their supposed healing properties – so how do they work?   We know that crystals have been around since time immemorial and that various civilizations have revered them and used them as status symbols, in ceremonies and for healing purposes.

So how is it possible that an inanimate object, such as a rock, can actually have an effect on a living organism?  If you think about it, everything is energy!  All matter, from the core of the earth to the stars in the night sky - be it solid, liquid or gas - is made up of atom particles,  which has a different frequency based on its chemical make-up.  This takes us back to our high school chemistry!  

                                       “If we are beings of energy, then it follows

                                           that we can be affected by energy.”

                                                            Richard Gerber

There are 90 different types of atoms which are made up of protons, electrons and neutrons.  And it is these 90 different arrangements of protons, neutrons and electrons that make up “the Elements” that are the universe’s building blocks – also referred to as the Periodic Table.   Some we are very familiar with such as gold (AU), oxygen (O) and Calcium (Ca), to name a few. When you combine more than one of the elements you will get a compound.   An example of this is combining two parts Hydrogen and one part oxygen to get water or H2O!

Okay… this is enough brain strain for me!  To put it in simple terms, all of the elements/compounds are not motionless; but because of their own unique combinations of atoms they will each have a different frequency or vibration.  We also know that just because one can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  A great example of this is electricity.                             

The ancient civilization, the Atlanteans, recognized the source of disease did not exist in the physical body but in a higher bodies or the subtle bodies:  the etheric body, the astral body and/or one of the other higher bodies.  The difference between each body is the vibrational frequency.  Consequently, the Atlanteans always worked on the higher bodies, not the physical.

The etheric body is like a holographic template that overlays the physical body, co-existing within the same space, and holds information that guides the cellular growth of the physical structure.  It is this template that guides the cellular growth of the fetus in the womb, or an adult recovering from illness or injury.  A wonderful demonstration of this template is when a salamander loses a limb and creates a new limb to replace the old one.

You’ve also heard of people losing a limb and experiencing what’s called a phantom pain in the area where the limb once existed.  That is the holographic template or the etheric body.

To further elaborate on how this crystals work, crystals are composed of three-dimensional patterns. These patterns consist of atoms or groups of atoms in ordered and symmetrical arrangements which are repeated at regular intervals keeping the same orientation to one another. By replacing each group of atoms by a representative point a crystal lattice is obtained. 

And the fascinating key is that science has discovered a new class of crystals known as liquid crystals, which is partially crystalline and partially fluid, and that many substances and membranes within the human body appear to function as liquid crystals.  And some might say that human beings are living crystals in some ways! 

This is where crystal healing comes in!  From a subtle-energy perspective, a number of solid and liquid crystalline structures at the physical level are involved in the attunement of subtle energies within the nervous system and the flow of the life-force throughout the body.

Consequently, in a crystal healing there is an energy transference that occurs partly because of a resonance effect between the crystal gems and those cellular crystal systems with quartz-like properties within the patient.  This process is called sympathetic resonance. 

The mineral kingdom is a gift to us from the Creator… to elevate our consciousness and to claim our birthright of wholeness in body, mind and spirit. 

When you book a Crystal Healing with me, I create a sacred space for you, and open up the possibilities for you and the Divine, for your highest good, and for the good of all.

Always with love… it is the answer. 

I am deeply grateful to be of service,




Vibrational Medicine

Richard Gerber, M.D.