I received my order and absolutely love the bracelets! Thank you for making such beautiful creations - they bring light into my day when things are tough and remind me to breathe and focus on grounding and love.

- Nicole M


I bought the Green African Opal bracelet from you at the Canada Day celebrations on White Rock beach. I am so pleased with my bracelet and wanted to thank you for doing what you do :)

- Natalie R


What I love about Lighten Up is that you always feel welcomed and embraced by Holly's positive vibration. Her designs and creations are amazing. Thank you Holly for always lending a helping hand, and for all the love and knowledge you are always sharing. Love and light to you!

- Roya


I have enjoyed wearing Lighten Up jewelry for years.  Holly’s knowledge of the beneficial and spiritual  properties of the stones is amazing, and she is always willing to educate others.

- Marie M


I ordered a custom bracelet from Holly to support my health, solving problems, and achieving my goals in life.  It arrived a few days ago in the mail, it’s a beautiful bracelet that looks awesome on me and that I enjoy wearing.  I’ve just been wearing the bracelet a few days so no huge changes yet, but I can see some positive things happening throughout the day.

- David L


I believe in gem stone healing.

I am, ok I was about the last person on the planet that would give consideration to a ‘gem stone.’  I love you Holly, but I just couldn’t go there.  Then in June 2015 I was in a car accident and ended up with a concussion and my neck would not turn left.  The accident happened on a Saturday and Holly, being Holly was over on the Monday ready and willing to make a believer out of me.  I was in so much pain that I was a willing participant. 

I lay on the yoga mat and Holly proceeded to create  a halo of amethyst stones around my head.  The stones were so close to my head that the intensity of the energy brought about more pain to my head.  Holly had to move the amethyst stones an inch or two farther away from my head.  I could feel the painful energy being pulled out. The concussion for that brief 45 minute period subsided and that night I slept with much more ease.  The following day I went to physiotherapy and I hated it.  I ended up in worse pain. Now why would I go through this physiotherapy hell when I can pay for a crystal healing and feel better.

If you have endured a concussion it’s not something that disappears over a few months. It has been almost two years and I still can’t stand the head pain that comes from being the passenger in a car. 

Every evening I take the amethyst earrings and amethyst necklace (Holly made for me) and put them on my windowsill.  The amethyst absorbs the moon’s energy during the night. Each morning I put them back on.  It’s kind of like taking an aspirin. 

Once in a while I wear a pretty blue stone with yellow in it for my stomach.  I lost an earring and asked Holly to make another one. I gave her the solitary earring. She found she could not match the solitary earring because it was no longer blue and yellow, only blue!   My body (stomach) had absorbed the yellow, so I could not replace the earring.

I am a very practical down to earth person and I am telling you honestly if  I hadn't experienced it, I wouldn’t of believed it. Well it’s now evening I must go put my necklace and earrings on the windowsill.

- Cheryl S


Over the years I have purchased many special items from Holly. Some of my favorites have been beautiful crystal pendants that I have given as gifts and have also enjoyed hanging them in my windows and love the way the crystals catch the light.

I also have had her custom make some lovely necklaces and matching earrings that over the years have been some of my favorites. Her choice of stones and how she combines them, makes each of her designs so unique!

- Michelle S


Holly is in touch with each of her gemstones, their history, their healing properties, and how they can support us individually.

She cares so deeply for her customers and their satisfaction with the jewelry they receive and wear. Beauty and spirit together are imparted in her service.

Thank you Holly for all the beauty you have brought into our lives!

- Tricia K


Holly’s deep caring spirit is tangible in every piece of jewellery she creates. She has made me and my family a number of personal amulets that have brought us great peace, healing and joy during difficult times. Holly is dedicated to creating personalized jewellery that lifts the hearts and spirit of each person with whom she works. 

Every piece is filled with love and the wisdom of the stones. Holly’s personal attention to each client’s unique needs is a tribute to both her vast and continuing knowledge of the stones and of the hearts of humans. 

Thank you Holly.

- Tara H