Knowing We ARE Enough

Knowing We ARE Enough


Too often we’ve been led to believe that we need to do this, read this, fix this about ourselves to feel better about ourselves.

I know this one only too well.

We’ve been conditioned by society, the media, our heritage, religion, and a litany of voices that we are not good enough. 

We have been encouraged to compare ourselves with others; compete with others and strive for perfection that is totally unattainable.

And why?

So we can fit in?  So we can receive outward accolades?  So we can feel better about ourselves? More loved?

The truth is, we all have emptiness within us.  We’ve all been hurt, abused, lied to, and betrayed.

And no amount of material aquirements, achievements or validations will really fill us up and make us feel whole.

You’ve heard it said before, Happiness is an inside job.

And so, it is.

And it starts by saying to ourselves, “I am enough”.

And knowing it to be true.  And notice how it feels…

There is no song and dance for us to do.  There are no more self-help books to be read in search of that place.

It is here, right now, within us.

We were created by God, in all God’s glory.

We have just forgotten.  Our light has dimmed.

We’ve bought into the stories and lies about how to “shine”.

If only I had this, or could do this or that, I would be happy.  I would be enough.

Well, Hogwash, I say!

You are enough. I am enough. We are enough.

It’s time to embrace ourselves with all our quirks and foibles. All our attributes.  All our shortcomings.

And say in this moment, I am enough.  And really feel it…

Self-acceptance is self-love.

As a dear friend says, there ain’t nothin’ here that needs fixin’!

And I’m not saying that this is reason to be irresponsible, insensitive, or hurtful.

Absolutely not!  But it is giving ourselves the permission to stop thinking there is something wrong with us as we keep looking at our cups as half empty.

No.  Our cups runneth over!  We are all as unique as snowflakes, with all our strengths and weaknesses.  And that’s what makes us truly unique.  There’s no one like you on earth.

And the world needs your light.

You are enough.  Keep shining!