What About Love?

What About Love?


Isn’t it wonderful to be finally receiving some incredibly uplifting sunshine.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a lot of apathy these past few months.  Really up and down.  I would meditate and lift out of it, and then life happens and I’m back in it again.  It has been a real effort for me to ground myself in a resourceful and positive way.  The world as we know it is changing, and we are a part of that change. 



All I can say is thank goodness for love.  We were created in love… it is our birthright.  And to give and receive love is the greatest gift one can experience.  After all, when we die, all we can take with us is the love we gave and the love we received.  No houses, no fancy cars, no stocks and bonds, no land – just “love”.

And what I find continually astounds me about love, is that when you give love to someone, it is not only a gift to the receiver, but also to the giver!  You know the feeling, when you’ve done something loving for someone.  And you just pause and tune into your body and notice how you’re feeling?  Maybe you feel a warmth throughout?  Maybe your heart is pulsating a little stronger?  Or you are just feeling totally uplifted and grateful.  The feeling of love affects us in so many ways. 

It has been scientifically proven that love alters the chemistry not only in our hearts and brains but in our whole bodies.  According to professors, C. Sue Carter and Stephen W. Porges in the Biochemistry of Love, “the same molecules that allow us to give and receive love also link our need for others with health and well-being”.

Love literally raises our vibration and expands our consciousness.  It connects us to the Divine Consciousness and we experience more of our own light, the light that has always been there, lifting us up to be all that we are…which is love.

So go forth, and be the love that you are!  Shine your light.  You make a difference in all that you do.  Heal yourself, your relationships, your community, our world.