The Love of Rhodochrosite

The Love of Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a “Stone of Love”. It predominantly shows itself in beautiful shades of pink, from soft and pale to a deep rose blush. The most important deposits of Rhodochrosite are found in Argentina dating back to the 13th century; however some very fine specimens can also be found in some areas of Colorado.

Rhodochrosite aligns us to the frequency of love, allowing us to touch into the child within; supporting us in healing emotional wounds and trauma, and reclaiming our playfulness and joy of life! Rhodochrosite also helps us to find our innate hidden talents and abilities that reside within each of us, ultimately increasing our self–love, and deepening our compassion for others.

From a physical standpoint, Rhodochrosite is ideal for imbalances in the nervous system and is an excellent stone to release stress and anxiety. It relieves respiratory problems as well as purifies the circulatory system, kidneys, pancreas and spleen, restores poor eyesight and balances the thyroid. 

I would like to share with you my experience while meditating with Rhodochrosite.  I held the stone gently in my left hand and closed my eyes, breathing deeply…slowly I felt myself slipping deeper into silence as a gentle wave of energy began caressing my heart chakra.  The vibration of the wave began to expand and envelope me in a cocoon of peace.  The feeling was sublime… to say the least…  As I continued breathing (a good thing to do!), I could feel my lungs opening up and I was breathing into my whole body.  From there came a release of energy at the back of my 4th chakra, and my stomach seemed to unwind and soften with a relaxed flow.  

So what did my Rhodochrosite gemstone have to share with me? It was here to help us release our self-criticism and create more space within ourselves for self-love.  It teaches us forgiveness of oneself and others, as it increases our capacity for love and compassion.  Rhodochrosite will open our awareness to see the higher aspects of a situation and its loving purpose.  Rhodochrosite is a true gift of love to oneself…and others!