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Shine Your Light! Meditation Classes

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Hello… to you being All that you Are.

 I am delighted to be offering a series of meditation classes that will take you deeper into you...

to experience the love that you are, and support you in “Shining Your Light”.

These classes are experiential and will provide you with tools that you can use anytime, anywhere. 

You will learn practical ways to bring more peace into your life.

 You will experience the joy of bringing more light into your body and raising your vibration.  

Becoming a beacon of light for others that extends out into our world and beyond…

Your presence is a gift.  You do make a difference. 

In gratitude, 


Please call or email me with your questions, or to book your seat!  You can reach me at 604-830-1555 or  

I invite you to join us in shining your light!


                     Shine Your Light!

                     Meditation Classes with Holly


                        Series of 6 classes: (Saturdays)

                        DATES:  TBA

                        Location:  Our Home in Langley and/or Zoom

                        Contribution: $240 + GST          

                        *Or only $120 + GST  if you've taken this class already and wish 

                         to  refresh yourself, and deepen your experience with the tools.


More Choices!

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend to you my dear friend and colleague, Cheryl Sanderson of Soularsystem.

Spiritual Tools for Life!  with Cheryl 

"This class provides you with the tools to enable you to accept yourself as a loving being and shine your light more fully to those you interact with."

To read more, you can visit Cheryl's website at  

or email her at


In joy and light…


Shine Your Light! Meditation Classes
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