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Rose Quartz Light-catcher / Pendulum

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  • Created with a faceted Crystal Heart Pendant from Egypt.  It's suspended from a strand of Rose Quartz, Crystal Quartz and Freshwater Pearl beads, and attached to an antique pewter vine heart.  It's approximately 7 inches in length.  It can be enjoyed as a lightcatcher to cast beautiful rainbows from the sun, or as a pendulum to connect with your inner wisdom.  It also comes with instructions on "How to use your Pendulum for Dowsing".
  • Before leaving our studio each Lighten Up Creation is cleansed and charged on a large crystal quartz cluster to assist in lightening up its energy. It is further blessed with the Divine’s love and light.
  • Your jewels are then adorned with a hangtag, and come with separate cards describing the gemstones’ healing properties.
  • Lastly, each creation is then cocooned in its own delicate organza pouch before fluttering its way to its new beginning with you!
  • Please note that all gemstones are unique, so each piece will have its own character.

Healing Properties:
Rose Quartz
  • Expands our identification with the heart as our centre core
  • Teaches us to love ourselves and others unconditionally
  • Assists in dissolving boundaries of isolation to heal the heart of its wounds
  • Soothes the emotions and envelops us with the frequency of love
  • Brings self-fulfillment and in
    Clear Crystal Quartz
    • Often referred to as a “stone of light” as it brings light and healing into the body, raising our vibration and expanding our consciousness
    • It is said to hold the Divine blueprint of All that is
    • Cleanses the body and aura field of any foreign energy, supporting us to lighten up and be the love that we are
    • Amplifies our intentions, thoughts and feelings, as well as the energy of other stones
    • Connects us to the wisdom of the heart
    • Encourages us to love ourselves and others
    • Illuminates our understanding and instils a greater sense of compassion
    • Encourages kindness and charity


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    Custom Order

    We welcome custom orders, and the opportunity to co-create a special piece with you. It could be as simple as having a different charm on one of our bracelets, to having a personal Gemstone Jewellery Reading to find out which stones would be of greatest support to you with what you’re experiencing in your life at this time. Or maybe you want a beaded necklace that is totally unique just for you. We can do that!

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    If you would like a different charm put on your bracelet, it can easily be changed at no additional cost to you. Please allow a few extra days for your creation.

    For a Custom Order or Gemstone Jewellery Reading, please allow up to 4 weeks prior to the item being shipped.

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    Rose Quartz Light-catcher / Pendulum
    Rose Quartz Light-catcher / Pendulum
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