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Crystal Healing: the Laying-on-of-Stones

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A crystal healing session is as unique as you are.  Session times are approximately 75 minutes. We begin by confirming what your area of focus or concern is (we will more than likely have discovered this during our prior communication). We treat the body, mind and spirit as a whole, whether you are wanting to release a limiting belief, step further into your personal power, experience greater clarity or concentration, or attract more abundance into your life. Then again, you may have a health issue you may wish to focus on:  depression, poor blood circulation, digestion problems or the release of anxiety.  Whatever it is you are wanting there are crystals and minerals that have "universal energies" available for you to receive and merge with your own energy system.

During your healing session, you are usually laying on your back on a cushioned mat in a safe and supportive environment, where we attune to the Creator with the healing intention for the Good of All. Throughout your healing I am divinely guided to lay specific crystals on and around your body to support your process, all the while you are connecting with the subtle realms of the crystals' energies. 

This is your sacred time for you... to receive whatever it is you as a Being want for yourself as you become more of who you ARE on your life journey.  

It would be a privilege to grow with you!

In joy & light,




75 minute Crystal Healing in my sanctuary                            $125 + GST

Book a series of 5 sessions for $625 and receive your 6th session FREE.

Please contact me directly for more information.      

Crystal Healing: the Laying-on-of-Stones
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